Green Cash Now

  • Well-Known Name in Loans
  • Get Up to $2,500
  • Payday and Installment Loans
  • All Credit Scores Eligible
  • Easy Online Application
Green Cash Now

I decided to review Green Cash Now because they recently updated their site and began to offer the ability to get a loan up to $2,500. Usually payday loan sites only advertise up to $1,000 so I was intrigued about their offer. If you want a traditional payday loan, you can get up to $1,000. What Green Cash Now does is give you the option of taking out an installment loan in place of a payday loan. Installment loans generally offer a higher amount, in this case $2,500. Their site is pretty basic so if you’re not sure how it all works, you may need to visit a site like Better Times Financial first. If you’re ready to go and don’t have a million questions, all you need to do is fill out the basic 2 page application. I did this, but instead of asking for $1,000 or $500 like I usually do, I went for the whole $2,500. I was approved for $2,500 to be paid back over 6 months and the fees were reasonably low. It’s exciting to me to see a traditional payday loan site take the next step by offering installment loans too. I highly recommend using Green Cash Now for all your personal loan needs.


  • Fast Approval
  • Loans Up to $2,500
  • Multiple Loan Options
  • Easiest Online Application
  • Overnight Cash Deposit

Overnight-Payday is just what you’d expect; it’s a payday loan site and offers the cash overnight. What is unexpected is they give you more loan options than most payday loan sites. One of my friends notified me of this change on their site recently so I decided to take a look and try it out. On the site it lists both payday loans and installment loans available. For payday, you can get up to $1,000 and for installment you can get up to $2,500. I like this feature a lot because sometimes I need more than $1,000 and am unable to get that option. The site itself is easy to use and offers a different type of application. You first enter your email and Overnight-Payday checks for your information. If you’ve taken out payday loans often, like I have, it’s an extremely easy application process. You simply verify your information and apply for the loan. If you’re new to payday loans, your information may not be there and you’ll fill out the full application. Either way, after your loan application is submitted, you’ll get a message on whether you’re approved or not rather quickly. In my case, I was approved and the cash was in my bank account overnight. Overnight-Payday is one of the best and most innovative payday sites I’ve ever used. They make it extremely easy to apply, and deliver the cash overnight as promised. I highly recommend Overnight-Payday for all those in need of overnight cash.

Mt. Courtney Financial

  • Up to $1,000
  • Trusted Source of Payday Loans
  • Approval in Minutes
  • No Traditional Credit Check
  • Provides Payday Loan Info
Mt. Courtney Financial

Mt Courtney Financial is one of the most well-known and respected payday loan sites. A favorite for many so I thought I’d test and review it myself. Seeing the site, it gives you confidence, not only in them, but in yourself. It also offers more information than many other sites. The form is top left, easy to find and asks some basic questions to get you started. The application is indeed 3 steps, the first step is the form you see on their homepage, the second page asks for more meaty but understandably necessary questions and info and step 3 is review. The process took about 7 minutes and my loan was approved in about a minute. I got favorable terms and my loan cash was deposited the next day. I would recommend Mt Courtney to those who already know about payday loans but also those new to payday loans because of the ease of the application and the good information they have on their site.

Liberty Cash Loans

  • No Credit OK
  • Match You with Best Lenders
  • Recognized Name in Payday Loans
  • 2-Minute Approval
  • Simple, Safe and Secure
Liberty Cash Loans

Liberty Cash Loans has been around a long time and is an old favorite. Several of my friends had used them and recommended them for their simplicity. I had never used them before so I thought I’d give it a try and find out why they are so trusted by so many. In looking at the site, I was amazed that they were able to combine all the best features of payday loan sites into one. Credit not a problem, fully online 2 page application, 2 minute approval and cash overnight or within 24 hours. They are also known for being connected to the largest pool of lenders, probably because they’re been online for such a long time. So, I did it. I filled out the application, got approval and waited for my cash. Everything worked as expected and I received my cash the next day. Although I had always heard good things about them, I finally found out for myself how easy the whole process was. Another highly recommended payday site that definitely deserves a spot in the top 5.

No Fax Payday Advance

  • No Faxing
  • Up to $1,000 Available
  • Overnight Deposit Possible
  • Easy 2 Page Online Form
  • Get Best Loan Available
No Fax Payday Advance

I decided to give a try after hearing recommendations for a long time. They advertise ‘no faxing’ payday loans, so I thought that was a nice bonus. The site is friendly looking and contains all the necessary info I look for immediately. The form is easy to read and fill out, and doesn’t have too many mandatory and invasive questions. All in all, there were 2 pages to fill out and my loan was approved within minutes of hitting submit. I was hoping my $500 loan would be deposited overnight and it was! Then at my next payday, the loan amount and upfront fee was taken out of my checking account, no problems. Overall, NoFax offered a flawless and convenient process.