No Fax Payday Advance

  • No Faxing
  • Up to $1,000 Available
  • Overnight Deposit Possible
  • Easy 2 Page Online Form
  • Get Best Loan Available
No Fax Payday Advance markets themselves as the ‘no faxing’ online payday loan service. It’s just as the name and marketing implies and more. Get a payday loan through NoFax and do it with a completely online application without outside hassles. I couldn’t find any information on when they started but the domain goes back to 2006. So, I was interested in how this established payday loan site would work for me.

I had seen the site before and when I went recently for this review, it looked like it had a fresh facelift. Its friendly looking with a girl holding much more cash than they offer (up to $1000) but I like the attempt. The form is accessible with about 9 fields on the first page. They advertise no faxing (of course), cash in 24 hours, a simple 2 step process and personal data security. At the bottom they also claim overnight deposits are possible and that the loan will be the best available from a network of lenders.

My experience in getting a loan on NoFax was flawless and very convenient. I filled out both pages of the application. No surprises in the fields and any mistakes I made were caught by their system. I hit submit and waited about a minute and got my approval. Next step was the money. The next day my checking account had the loan amount and I was set.

I would rate my experience with NoFax to be highly positive, even flawless. There was indeed ‘no faxing’ necessary, the form was easy to fill out and didn’t take too long and my loan was approved (probably due the high number of lenders in their network) and the cash was put in my account overnight. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had in getting a payday loan.

Your Reviews
  • I rate #1. Been using No Fax Cash for the last 2 years. Getting approved has never been a problem compared to other sites I’ve used in the past. It’s also very easy, just put in your email, verify your personal details and you apply for the loan. Most reliable and easiest site I’ve ever used.

  • I love No Fax and rated it 5/5 here. Whenever I need a loan they never disappoint.

  • No Fax Payday Advance has always been reliable for me too. As mentioned in this site’s review, No Fax has an easy online application and absolutely nothing extra to fax or send in. Easiest site I’ve dealt with for sure.

  • Thank you for providing reviews on these sites. I never know what to believe when I search for a loan because they all offer the moon and don’t deliver. Now I have 5 good options.

  • I don’t own a faxing machine NoFax sounded good to me. Needed the loan fast and got it. The next day I got my cash and did the whole thing online. Good payday provider here.

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