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  • Loans Up to $2,500
  • Multiple Loan Options
  • Easiest Online Application
  • Overnight Cash Deposit

Overnight-Payday is everything you’d expect from an online payday site and more. Their name is a relief for many in need of cash fast. But why it has become so popular is because they can offer more than most payday sites. I was led there after a friend of mine told me about some changes they had seen on the site. Two things had changed. They now offer both payday and installments loans and have one new application process that lets you gain access to both and do it in the most simple way possible. These new features make Overnight-Payday one of the top online payday loan sites as reviewed by users here and it wouldn’t surprise me if it reaches the #1 spot soon.

I’ve briefly mentioned the new features of Overnight-Payday but I skipped over the basics. At Overnight-Payday you can easily apply for a cash loan and if approved, get your cash overnight, although the more accurate description would be the next business day. Loans offered from the site don’t require good credit or even any credit at all. And, payday loans can be taken out for up to $1,000 and installment loans up to $2,500. Applying for a loan is simple and takes between a minute to 7 depending on if you’ll need to fill out the full application. The loan decision is made in about a minute and if approved, you’ll receive the cash in your bank account overnight or the next business day.

As I mentioned earlier, there are 2 features of Overnight-Payday that make it stand out from the rest. One is the ability to apply for both a payday or installment loan using just one application. The other feature is the new application. Instead of automatically filling out the full loan application, you enter in your email address. If your data can be accessed, you’ll be presented with 2 questions to verify your data and then be able to submit your application. Like me, most people need cash from time to time and have applied for multiple payday loans over the years. If you’re one of these people, there’s a good chance your data is accessible. If not, Overnight-Payday still needs your info to get a loan and you fill out the application as you normally would. I, of course, just need to verify my information. Doing this saved me a lot of time and I didn’t need to track down the information that I don’t have memorized. I was quickly approved and did indeed receive my much needed cash the next day.

The way Overnight-Payday operates may well be the future of all payday loan sites but this site is one of the few that I know of that offers these features today. My experience was flawless and Overnight-Payday did everything you claimed they would. I highly recommend Overnight-Payday and have personally given it 5 stars.

Your Reviews
  • One of the easiest applications I’ve ever had to fill out, quick approval and next day funding. It’s everything I needed to get the cash fast.

  • This is one of the best loan sites I’ve used. I like that they offer both the bigger installment loans or the smaller payday loans. At other places I’ve tried I always got denied when I wanted to borrow too much. Here I was given more options to get something than just being denied. I voted 5/5

  • Thank goodness for Overnight Payday! I didn’t have any money left for the week and didn’t know where to turn to until you told me good things about this. That tomorrow would have been bad but really did get my loan cash overnight.

  • I needed more money than $1000 but kept getting declined everywhere. I came here and read about getting approved for more so I applied. I got approved for $1500 which fits me nice. For you who gets declined, apply at Overnight -Payday instead.

  • Last week I tried Overnight for the first time. Got my cash the next morning as you say I would. Thanks!

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